Sunday, 11 August 2013

Making sense of digital marketing metrics

Digital marketing, and display in particular can be a vital channel
not only for advertising to growing tech savvy environments
but display advertising can also greatly aid audience analysis
due to the myriad of available metric measurements.
Showing which creative sizes encourage users to click on ads
the websites visited before completing an online registration
the time of day users are more likely to be engaged
even which day of the week likely to see a conversion.
The volume of information, however can be complex
and is only useful when it is effectively applied
specialist traders can use this to aid campaigns in flight
adjusting strategies based on trends identified
Clients can also make use of their data
if not during the campaign it can still be used post flight
this could include allocating budgets to specific audiences
or merely notifying media buyers to further utilise the insights. 
With so much to analyse, relevant statistics should be identified
planning a restrictive eCPM for a CPA campaign may cause conflict
on top of this, other metrics may not interact as we would expect
the profile of a user who converts may be different to those that click.
This point is crucial for clients favouring post click conversions
as completely dismissing post view conversions could potentially be detrimental
ads may prompt users to visit the client site at a later time
refusing an immediate redirect does not make subsequent conversions coincidental.
Nevertheless, display marketing can greatly benefit advertisers
particularly with the extent of insights clients can receive
if the available metrics are used intelligently and proactively
incremental success can most certainly be achieved.


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