Sunday, 3 February 2013

Premium Pushing The Case For Programmatic Buying

Digital ad spend is challenging, even overtaking print and TV
With forecasts predicting these figures will continue to grow
After establishing itself as an effective buying method
2013 should see RTB play a more prominent role.
Real Time Bidding has delivered impressive results
Despite predominantly focusing on remnant inventory
Efficiencies of programmatic buying can be further exploited
With premium advertising providing an additional opportunity.
Whilst direct guaranteed buys are vital for publishers
This can still be achieved by bidding programmatically
Private Market Places (PMPs) are becoming more prevalent
Processes such as Deal IDs give greater premium accessibility.
RTB still struggles to shake off some misconceptions
As premium offerings are often only available anonymously
The recent premium push should aid programmatic buying
Addressing the perceived issue surrounding inventory quality.
Nonetheless, Programmatic Premium is a working progress
Currently DR campaigns have benefited from bidding dynamically
PMP deals have not always helped the Cost Per Action (CPA)
Due to the fixed or floor price CPM's demonstrating inflexibility.
Nevertheless, there is a place for premium in this space
If not for DR, there are certainly branding opportunities
Advertisers that are hoping to increase brand awareness 
Can bid on valuable inventory using programmatic proficiency.
Digital Marketing is seemingly in the midst of another iteration
Keeping everyone happy will be a fine balancing act.
But as long as the supply can accommodate the demand
Programmatic Premium could have a hugely positive impact.


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