Sunday, 11 August 2013

Making sense of digital marketing metrics

Digital marketing, and display in particular can be a vital channel
not only for advertising to growing tech savvy environments
but display advertising can also greatly aid audience analysis
due to the myriad of available metric measurements.
Showing which creative sizes encourage users to click on ads
the websites visited before completing an online registration
the time of day users are more likely to be engaged
even which day of the week likely to see a conversion.
The volume of information, however can be complex
and is only useful when it is effectively applied
specialist traders can use this to aid campaigns in flight
adjusting strategies based on trends identified
Clients can also make use of their data
if not during the campaign it can still be used post flight
this could include allocating budgets to specific audiences
or merely notifying media buyers to further utilise the insights. 
With so much to analyse, relevant statistics should be identified
planning a restrictive eCPM for a CPA campaign may cause conflict
on top of this, other metrics may not interact as we would expect
the profile of a user who converts may be different to those that click.
This point is crucial for clients favouring post click conversions
as completely dismissing post view conversions could potentially be detrimental
ads may prompt users to visit the client site at a later time
refusing an immediate redirect does not make subsequent conversions coincidental.
Nevertheless, display marketing can greatly benefit advertisers
particularly with the extent of insights clients can receive
if the available metrics are used intelligently and proactively
incremental success can most certainly be achieved.

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Campaign Success Through Integration Over Isolation

All successful campaigns need a solid base 
often coming in the form of a good digital strategy
after agreeing on what needs to be accomplished
buying in the most relevant environments is key.
The content of the plan can differ considerably
it is largely dependant on the overall goal
with the number of measurement methods available 
Identifying the primary metrics is an important role.
Direct response campaigns are often the simplest 
especially when looking at a cost per registration or sale
clients can prioritise post click over post view actions
which is one consideration the conversion attribution may entail.
Prospecting usually drives the initial user interest
often allowing the retargeting strategy to take all the glory
but success can be determined by a multitude of factors
judging strategies individually may not tell the full story.
There are often multiple media buyers on a plan
who may knowingly or unknowingly interact
buyers may not all get the credit they deserve
as the complete user journey is not always tracked
When looking at strategies to judge performance
Focusing on where conversions are attributed to is the temptation
however, we should consider the combined value of the activity
rather than attempt to assess each component in isolation.
This argument can be extended beyond digital media
with the number of marketing channels available on the rise
the ability to integrate multiple approaches with a single objective
means there has never been a more exciting time to advertise.

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Premium Pushing The Case For Programmatic Buying

Digital ad spend is challenging, even overtaking print and TV
With forecasts predicting these figures will continue to grow
After establishing itself as an effective buying method
2013 should see RTB play a more prominent role.
Real Time Bidding has delivered impressive results
Despite predominantly focusing on remnant inventory
Efficiencies of programmatic buying can be further exploited
With premium advertising providing an additional opportunity.
Whilst direct guaranteed buys are vital for publishers
This can still be achieved by bidding programmatically
Private Market Places (PMPs) are becoming more prevalent
Processes such as Deal IDs give greater premium accessibility.
RTB still struggles to shake off some misconceptions
As premium offerings are often only available anonymously
The recent premium push should aid programmatic buying
Addressing the perceived issue surrounding inventory quality.
Nonetheless, Programmatic Premium is a working progress
Currently DR campaigns have benefited from bidding dynamically
PMP deals have not always helped the Cost Per Action (CPA)
Due to the fixed or floor price CPM's demonstrating inflexibility.
Nevertheless, there is a place for premium in this space
If not for DR, there are certainly branding opportunities
Advertisers that are hoping to increase brand awareness 
Can bid on valuable inventory using programmatic proficiency.
Digital Marketing is seemingly in the midst of another iteration
Keeping everyone happy will be a fine balancing act.
But as long as the supply can accommodate the demand
Programmatic Premium could have a hugely positive impact.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Viewable Impressions - Waste Not Want Not

RTB has helped display advertising come a long way
Bidding dynamically to efficiently buy impressions
However, recently discontent voices have emerged
With fundamentals of impression buying called into question.
Advertisers have to pay for every impression served
Even the adverts that users may not actually see
Adopting 'viewed' over 'served' impressions may be the answer
Helping display advertising become wastage free.
If there is a stronger push to standardise viewed impressions
Its definitely a challenge that the industry can aptly face
Companies like Adsafe and Peer39 are well positioned
With DSP integrated Pre-Bid solutions already in place.
They allow bidding on more viewable inventory
and ads placed in environments where users are more engaged
ComScore, Alenty and C3 Metrics can also aid optimisations
Their 'In View' reporting capabilities provide a good gauge.
In the long term this should benefit digital marketing 
Encouraging better ad placement across the industry
Delivering on more potentially valuable ads
Should result in a greater sense of accountability.
Questioning viewability should not be reserved for online
How many of us switch channels during an ad break on TV
Or read every single page of a newspaper or magazine
Display advertising is almost a victim of its own technology.
Nevertheless, constant development should help the industry grow
Giving more visibility over where impressions are bought
When deciding where to spend marketing funds
The ever increasing transparency should give advertisers food for thought.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Should Microsoft Back Track on 'Do Not Track'?

Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari provide great browser alternatives
Microsoft's Internet Explorer is trying to make a come back 
By giving IE10 a controversial Unique Selling Point
The now infamous feature named 'Do Not Track'.
Microsoft's intentions may well have been good
Showing that they share consumers privacy concerns
Though it could pose ramifications to online advertising
Meaning an industry backlash was swift and stern.
Microsoft aim to make Do Not Track (DNT) a default feature
Making users virtually invisible to online marketing
Disabling advertisers from recognising potential customers
Hence, making them exempt from potential retargeting.
Whilst this can be vital to successful online marketing
Advertisers and agencies respect a users position
Bodies such as the Digital Advertising Alliance dispute Microsoft's stance
As making DNT a default means this is not an explicit user decision.
Microsoft, however, remain powerless to make this work on their own
As the DNT feature is merely a signal the browser sends out
Therefore requiring the co-operation of those they disagree with
Plunging the effectiveness of DNT into further doubt.
Advertisers will always take user privacy seriously
Personal information is not held through cookie tracking
But the ability to see which sites users visit
Will contribute to better online advertising.
It seems Microsoft's DNT vision may not succeed
Bringing an unprecedented unification of rival companies
But the concerns around online privacy will linger
A constant challenge for the digital marketing Industry.

Sunday, 23 September 2012

A Well Deserved Promotion

In many ways the first year is the most difficult
Trying to adapt to a new company
There is a lot to get used to 
Especially when entering an unfamiliar industry.
Getting to grips with your role can take a while
Mastering it will require your devotion
Ironically, after attaining relative comfort
The result is often the reward in a promotion.
And so a new chapter of learning begins
Whilst still maintaining knowledge previously learned
This should form the foundation for the new role
A stepping stone for the new challenge that's been earned.
Though this should make you a specialist in the previous role
It is not quite so simple when the space is constantly changing
With the ever evolving nature of Digital Marketing
Trying to stay on top of your game is always exciting.
Nevertheless, a promotion can signify undertaking new tasks
Often coupled with the sense of additional responsibility 
Naturally promoting inquisitiveness about the industry
Allowing the job to be done to the best of an individuals ability
The state Digital Marketing will leave you constantly on edge
Whether its a new concept, product or technology release
Predicting what may happen next is not always easy
The only certainty is that development will never cease
We hope progress within the industry will continue to flourish
The innovators and entrepreneurs can produce many possibilities
Although to most it may seem like I've just removed the 'Junior' from my title
Its another step up the ladder which could have more branches than a tree

Friday, 17 August 2012

The Mindset of an Analyst

Have you ever been browsing the Internet
And come across an ad not even remotely relevant to you
Finding the right audience on the web is not particularly easy
But thats what the Digital Marketing industry is trying to do.
The aim is to provide a richer online experience
Making laughably irrelevant ads a thing of the past
Whilst there is definitely still some way to go
Developments within the industry are moving fast.
Technology within online advertising is constantly improving
The most prominent being the Demand Side Platform or DSP
By using an auction based system called Real Time Bidding
It ensures you see ads based on relevancy.
A DSP provides insight on advertising campaigns
It can really be an analysts best friend 
Giving visibility of users online behaviours
Making it easier to identify trends.
Analysing available information is only half the story
If utilised effectively it can aid better targeting
Optimising towards what already works well 
Ultimately resulting in more efficient marketing.
Although being an online analyst requires a fair amount of logic
There are always plenty of opportunities to be creative
Often the ability to think differently is required to gain results
Improving performance is more satisfying when you've been inventive.
Analysing Digital Marketing campaigns is not simple
Managing client expectations is also a test
Whilst it is certainly a challenging experience
Reassuringly exciting when you've learnt from the best.

Saturday, 28 July 2012

One Year On

I Felt slightly nervous job hunting after finishing my studies
I had not even anticipated finding work in familiar territory
So much for entering a scary new world
I get off at the same bus stop for work as I did for University.
It was helpful to start on the same day as another colleague
Knowing your not the only one with a clean slate
Whilst it was certainly daunting starting a new job
Having someone to share the experience with was great
The more I learnt about the industry, the more I was intrigued
Especially as specifics regarding my role became clear
Finding trends and being able to use my analytical nous
It seems like the perfect place upon which to build my career.
It was exciting to learn about the Digital Marketing world
And a great challenge to learn how to use a DSP
Technology enabling us to manage multiple advertising campaigns
Its importance to my role meant I had to get to grips with it quickly.
The perks of the job also make things interesting
Our partner companies occasionally invite us for nights out
Although you can get to know people whilst you work with them
An informal environment is ideal to discover what people are really about.
Our team was so small initially we could all work in a meeting room
Not any longer as we are really starting to grow
Whilst we're steadily increasing in numbers
It's still challenging to keep up the workload.
Having a great bunch of colleagues is also a positive
I'll even go as far as to say the make work fun
It's all contributed to a hugely enjoyable year 
I just hope there are many more of these to come.

Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Ever Evolving Industry - Stream of Consciousness

Never a moment when times stands still, constantly on the edge, not so much the edge of a cliff, a pleasant edge. Wondering what awaits around the corner. The corners that have passed seem as though they have gone by an age ago. Nevertheless, they form a cornerstone for the present and future. 
Old methods may have served a purpose but innovation leads to a new path, a new process, a new manner of communication to reach a desired result. Though traditional means remain in place, a push to accept flourishing new technologies, expected to dominate the digital landscape is in full force. 
Whilst many remain blissfully unaware, online advertising is becoming increasingly sophistcated. Our virtual footprint left behind helps to paint a picture. Our behaviours, interests and tendencies form the brush strokes of a masterpiece that is the perfectly targeted ad. 
A wealth of time, effort and analysis aimed at providing a richer online experience. Relevancy the key to promoting the interaction that Brands seek. Made possible through the developing digital world, utilising tools such as RTB and other targeting technology, online marketing is becoming the ultimate environment for finding the right audience. 
As long as we continue to use the web, the ever evolving industry will attempt to weave a way to attain marketing perfection.

Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Forefront of Marketing Evolution

Our means of communication is constantly changing
We are all becoming accustomed to advancements in technology
Leading to new and innovative methods of advertising
Which is great news for the Digital Marketing industry.
Posters, Print and Television have held a traditional stranglehold
For the immediate future it seems this is the way it may remain
But the evolution in the online world is making people think
Display advertising in particular is trying to change the game.
Online advertisements have generally been bought at a fixed rate
But Real Time Biding has added a sense of flexibility
This system allows ads to be bought through an educated bid
Meaning the cost of each ad impression is purchased dynamically.
It may seem complicated but its really pretty simple
Everything can be managed centrally through a DSP
Demand Side Platforms help advertising campaign management
Flexible ad buying is just one of its many capabilities.
DSPs aid the optimisation of an advertising campaign
It helps distinguish what is doing well and identifies trends
Allowing the tweaking of features to improve performance
Clients can also be impressed with the variety of reports you can send.
Technology aimed at finding the right user is also currently available
Valued users can be sought through behavioural targeting
An individuals online actions can determine which ads they see
Ultimately leading to a much smarter way of marketing.
The industry has come a long way in a short space of time
Improvements still need to be made to develop a perfect solution
But we have many innovative minds in this space
So hold on tight and keep evolving with the evolution.